Adventures in Engineering: Data Management Not Just Checking the Boxes

November 30, 2021 | Chris Young, Young Engineering Services

Good product data management is rooted in the thoughtful strategy, process, and execution of preserving your company’s product data. A robust data management strategy is key to giving direction to your company’s data management processes. Product portfolio, pedigree, and regulatory requirements are used to identify how to implement a data management plan/process to support your company’s products. The day-to-day tactical ins and outs of product data management should be executed per plan and in faith to the strategy. We’ve all heard of the term “just trying to check all the boxes.” My observation is that this type of mindset leads to finishing a task at the cost of completeness.

RBP Discusses New Management and Plans for the Future

November 23, 2021 | Nolan Johnson, I-Connect007

Ernie Litynski, president of RBP Chemical Technology and Dan Carey, incoming executive vice president, brief Nolan Johnson on the recent organizational changes that brought Carey on board. Both Litynski and Carey outline how they see these changes benefiting their customers and partners, including in the defense and aerospace sectors. As they explain, it's their expertise at helping solve problems that customers value most.


Test and Inspection Featuring:

  • Test and Inspection: Far Beyond Opens and Shorts, with Todd Kolmodin 
  • Fascinating Opportunities in Flying Probe Testing, with Peter Brandt 
  • New Methods for Quantifying Potential PCB Design Weaknesses and Manufacturing Challenges, with Gerry Partida 
  • Test and Inspection: Competitive Advantage and Cost of Doing Business, with Charlie Capers 
  • Alex Stepinski: A Philosophical View
  • The New Electrical Test—Riding the Wave, by Todd Kolmodin

IPC APEX EXPO 2022 Preview Featuring:

  • John Mitchell: Focus on the Future
  • Industry Market Drivers, Inflation and the Supply Chain with Shawn DuBravac 
  • IPC Standards Committees: Thoughts on a Changing Landscape with Teresa Rowe 
  • Francisco Fourcade: Meeting During a Pandemic with Francisco Fourcade
  • Keynotes Educate and Entertain Featuring David Pogue
  • What to Expect Regarding COVID Restrictions by Alicia Balonek 
  • The Value of Training Committees by Zenaida Vallanu

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