Dover Microsystems and Cadence Partner to Deliver Secure Processing with Silicon-Layer Security for Mission-Critical Applications

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Cadence Design Systems, Inc. and Dover Microsystems today announced a partnership to deliver a solution that enables the development of secure processing for aerospace and defense applications, providing enforcement-level security that protects against the exploitation of software vulnerabilities. Through the collaboration, customers can leverage new runtime security monitoring capabilities that identify security policy violations and physically block them from making unauthorized changes to the system’s memory.

This partnership aims to help secure the national defense technology asset base through the integration of Dover’s CoreGuard® technology and the Cadence® Tensilica® Xtensa® LX7 processor. The integration offers customizable security across a wide range of applications, protecting embedded systems from network-based attacks. Dover’s CoreGuard technology monitors each executed instruction to ensure it complies with a set of security, safety and privacy rules, called micropolicies. If an instruction violates an existing micropolicy, CoreGuard stops it from executing in real time before damage can be done.

“Our shared vision of providing customizable levels of security delivers immense value to Cadence’s aerospace and defense customers as well as their commercial customers in the automotive, industrial IoT, and imaging markets,” said Jothy Rosenberg, Dover Microsystems founder and CEO. “Dover Microsystems is the first company to immunize processors against entire classes of network-based attacks. We are thrilled to be working with Cadence to create the next generation of secure embedded processors.”

“We’re seeing threats to national defense increase in the cybersecurity domain, so it’s more critical than ever to deliver solutions that protect against these threats,” said Charlie Schadewitz, VP of sales, aerospace and defense at Cadence. “Our partnership with Dover Microsystems delivers upon the need for secure processing and provides the aerospace and defense industry with the utmost levels of security for their embedded systems.”



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