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If you’re looking for a job in the PCB industry—whether you’re a recent grad or a seasoned technologist—the jobConnect007 is the first place you should look.

In the pages of I-Connect007’s monthly magazines and newsletters, there are job openings for positions that span the entire circuit board supply chain: senior PCB designer, supplier quality manager, service engineer, field service technician, technical marketing engineer, and sales representative, just to name a few. 

Once you find a position that’s a perfect fit, you’re in the home stretch. You can submit your resume directly to the hiring manager simply by clicking on the ad. It couldn’t be any easier to get your name in front of the companies that are ready to hire right now.

Whenever you need information about any aspect of PCB design, fabrication or assembly, make jobConnect007 your first stop. Download your copy today.

If you’re an employer seeking to hire an industry professional, reach out to Barb Hockaday at barb@iconnect007.com or by clicking here.


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