Now available on Spotify, Episode 3 of I-Connect007’s new podcast, On the Line with… features an interview with Mark Laing, business development manager for digital industries software at Siemens. Laing discusses the role of electronics in achieving sustainability. Not only does the electronics industry have a primary role to play here, but it also contributes by creating products which enable other industries to monitor and optimize their sustainability practices.

Episode 12, “Smarter Manufacturing through Inspection,” from Koh Young’s new micro webinar series ‘Smarter Manufacturing Enabled with Inspection Data’ is available now.


Customer Service Featuring:

  • Dan Beaulieu’s Five Favorite Customer Service Columns an I-Connect007 Compilation
  • A Mini Manufacturing Ecosystem by Paige Fiet
  • Customer Service Starts With a Quality Product interview with John Johnson
  • The Most Important Thing About Customer Service interview with Marge Laney
  • Positivity Boosts Employee Morale by Todd Kolmodin
  • Knowledge: The Heart of Great Customer Service interview with David Thomas

Hiring and Training Featuring:

  • A Solid Training Ground in New Hampshire by Marc Carter
  • Workforce Development and Networking Mindset by Tara Dunn
  • Shopping for a Soldering Robot by Ed Zamborsky
  • Training for New Hires by Brenda Clunie
  • SMTA Process Engineer Certification by Ron Lasky
  • Successful Skills Training by Sharon Montana-Beard
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