Circuit Technology Center Announces New Series of CircuitMedic Circuit Frames

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Circuit Technology Center announces the release of a new series of CircuitMedic brand Circuit Frames. Circuit Frames contain replacement circuit patterns, lands, SMT pads, BGA pads, and gold edge contacts used for the repair of damaged printed circuit boards. The new designs include the most popular patterns grouped into finely curated assortments, ensuring maximum usage and reduced waste. Plating options include bright tin, tin-lead, and nickel-gold. Circuit Frames are available with a unique dry-film adhesive backing, making the replacement of damaged pads and circuits quick and reliable. 

"We analyzed the circuit patterns sold over the past several years and are thrilled to announce these new, reconfigured designs," said Andy Price, Sales Manager.  "CircuitMedic Circuit Frames have been used to repair damaged circuit boards to the highest IPC standards for over 30 years by thousands of commercial, medical, and military manufacturers around the globe.


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