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IPC Welcomes U.S. Presidential Determination Prioritizing Domestic Development of Printed Circuit Boards and IC Substrates
03/27/2023 | IPC
PCBAA Applauds Presidential Action to Invest in Critical American Microelectronics
03/27/2023 | PCBAA
Rocket Lab Successfully Launches 35th Electron Seven Days After Previous Launch
03/27/2023 | Business Wire
Raytheon, Northrop Grumman Team Down-selected for US Army's Next-generation Precision Strike Missile
03/27/2023 | Business Wire
Curtiss-Wright Awarded Contract to Provide U.S. Marine Corps with Expeditionary Network Communications Technology
03/27/2023 | Curtiss-Wright Corporation
IPC Applauds New U.S.-Canada Partnership to Strengthen Advanced Packaging, PCB Manufacturing in North America
03/27/2023 | IPC
Micross Celebrates Grand Opening of its New Facility in Florida
03/27/2023 | PRNewswire
Aspocomp’s Full-year 2022 Net Sales Up 18%
03/27/2023 | Aspocomp
Circuit Technology Center Announces New Series of CircuitMedic Circuit Frames
03/27/2023 | Circuit Technology Center
Worldwide Team Makes Orion’s First Artemis Mission Possible
03/24/2023 | NASA
Northrop Grumman Demonstrates Platform Agnostic In-Flight Connectivity for US Air Force
03/23/2023 | Northrop Grumman
CAES Provides Critical Solutions for US Air Force Open Architecture Demonstration
03/23/2023 | Business Wire
AtomBeam Technologies Join Inmarsat’s Elevate Programme
03/23/2023 | Inmarsat
North American PCB Industry Sales Up 5.6% in February
03/23/2023 | IPC
North American EMS Industry Up 5.1% in February
03/23/2023 | IPC
Trade Name Application for DarkPulse Electronics Manufacturing Earns Approval
03/22/2023 | PRNewswire
NextFlex Launches $4.4M Hybrid Electronics Funding Opportunity
03/22/2023 | Business Wire
Oversight Program Aims to Make Space Domain More Tactically Relevant for Military Planners, Warfighters
03/21/2023 | DARPA
Collins Aerospace Announces Microelectronics Production Expansion in Cedar Rapids
03/21/2023 | Collins Aerospace
Boeing Delivers Powerful Satellite Platform to Viasat
03/21/2023 | Boeing
Northrop Grumman to Produce MESA for The U.S. Air Force E-7
03/21/2023 | Northrop Grumman
Spirit AeroSystems, Astraius Join Forces to Boost UK Launch Ambitions
03/21/2023 | Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.
UK, Japan Sign Arrangement to Cooperate in Space
03/21/2023 | Royal Air Force
Final Series of Northrop Grumman-Built C-Band Satellites Successfully Launch
03/21/2023 | Northrop Grumman
UK Space Agency Backs Rolls-Royce Nuclear Power for Moon Exploration
03/21/2023 | Rolls-Royce
NASA Instrument Bound for Titan Could Reveal Chemistry Leading to Life
03/20/2023 | NASA
IMI Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries Record Four Consecutive Quarters of Positive Results
03/20/2023 | IMI
Rocket Lab Successfully Launches 34th Electron Rocket, Second Mission from Virginia
03/17/2023 | Business Wire
NASA Awards Advance 3D Printing, Quantum Tech for Climate Research
03/17/2023 | NASA
Comtech Awarded $29M for Blended Communications Technologies, Location Services
03/17/2023 | Business Wire

Inmarsat, Heron to Enable Uncrewed Aircraft in Singaporean Airspace
03/17/2023 | Inmarsat
Inmarsat’s Satellite Coverage in Asia Pacific Set to Double after Australian Ground Stations Go Live
03/16/2023 | Inmarsat
NASA, SpaceX Dragon to Deliver Heart Studies, More to Space Station
03/15/2023 | NASA
NEOTech Recognized by Northrop Grumman for Supplier Excellence
03/14/2023 | NEOTech
Success of CHIPS Act Depends on Quickly Establishing a Pilot Facility for Integrated Circuit Substrates, Tech Leaders Warn
03/14/2023 | IPC
Aalyria’s Spacetime will Orchestrate Network for Rivada Space Networks’ LEO Satellite Constellation
03/14/2023 | Business Wire
Multicircuits Adds Two More atg Flying Probe Test Systems
03/14/2023 | atg Luther & Maelzer
Ventec International Group Earns IPC-4101 Qualified Products Listing
03/13/2023 | IPC
I-Connect007 Launches New Micro Webinar Series: ‘Smarter Manufacturing Enabled with Inspection Data,’ Presented by Koh Young
03/13/2023 | I-Connect007
New Funding to Support Space Exploration Using Moon Resources and Nuclear Power
03/13/2023 | UK Space Agency
NASA, Italian Space Agency Join Forces on Air Pollution Mission
03/13/2023 | NASA JPL
Collins Aerospace Launches Powered by Collins Initiative to Foster Collaboration with Deep Tech Small-Medium Enterprises
03/13/2023 | Collins Aerospace
Rogers Features Advanced Materials Technology, Capabilities for Defense Electronic Systems at GOMACTech 2023
03/13/2023 | Rogers Corporation
QuSecure Pioneers U.S. Live End-to-End Satellite Quantum-Resilient Cryptographic Communications Link Through Space
03/10/2023 | Business Wire
Best Papers from SMTA International Announced
03/10/2023 | SMTA
Mark Evans Joins Green Circuits as COO
03/09/2023 | Green Circuits
Reliable Robotics, Inmarsat Collaborate on Commercial Satellite Communications Solution for Remote Piloted Aircraft
03/09/2023 | Inmarsat
Northrop Grumman Selected to Enhance Networks for US Air Force
03/09/2023 | Northrop Grumman
Global Smartphone Production Fell by 15.5% YoY to 301 Million Units for 4Q22
03/09/2023 | TrendForce
Boeing Successfully Demonstrates Anti-Jam Capability for U.S. Department of Defense Satellites
03/09/2023 | Boeing
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